LAYERING - Playing with Necklaces

Finding ourselves with more time than usual in this turmoil times, we are able to take in a number of projects, lessons, tasks and activities to keep our mind from the news and keep a positive attitude during all of this. While layering is not a life skill, knowing how to get most out of your jewelry is very rewarding. Use some of that time for jewelry. Find some of my suggestions.



Just like your wardrobe and skin care, the way you wear your necklaces can change with every occasion. Refreshing our jewelry helps us reflect on these outside changes internally and can also serve as a ritual to embrace the shifting of seasons. In this guide, we explore tips for layering your jewelry inspired by each season, so you can build your layering with passion, confidence, and the metaphysical impact of color in mind.

Theory of Color: Color can influence how you feel, so give yourself space to explore what resonates with you. We suggest soft hues for transitioning from winter to spring, such as yellow which is uplifting and associated with the sun, cheerfulness, and fun. We like to mix it with different shades of greens. Pairing neutrals with yellow makes for a look that’s both cozy and fresh — the perfect mixture for transitioning out of the doldrums. Think Beryl, yellow Tourmalines, Emeralds, peridots and of course Gold!


For Spring to Summer the time to bare it all, we like how Turquoise pairs with Lapis and different shades of Pink Tourmalines, with soft blues of Topaz and Apatites. A winner in summer is always the magical Rainbow Moonstones, so versatile are moonstones that are usually the base of all my combinations.


For fall and winter, the season of snuggling up and looking inward, I am drawn to earthier colors that exude a sense of warmth, like orange such as Carnelian and Rubies mixed with blues as in Sapphires and rich strong green as in green Tourmaline and the forever elusive Labradorite. To add a lively touch, I love inviting the outdoors in with some nature-inspired horn and wood pieces.



Functional Foundations: If you’re ready to upgrade your looks, investing in a great chain is key. It provides a base layer to build a look upon. While is easier to build starting with a longer chain, is not entirely necessary, maybe you already have a heirloom or special necklace that you never take off, then the solution is to build around that one piece, so if your necklace is as most a plain gold with some kind of medallion then you will have great freedom in the colors you choose to layer with, basically you have a clean slate.You can start by adding a choker not only adds an extra layer of fun, but also gives you a younger and free spirit look, I find that 5 is the maximum number of layers after that becomes too messy to make sense of if. So rather than showcasing each piece, you actually hide it. While it is very possible to have more than 5, you will need to really focus on the look, so unless you are trying to sell something, I do not recommend it. jewelry supposed to be fun and easy to wear. 

Embrace Texture: As I said before a solid chain is key, think of mix links, I love links. They always give you the feeling of a handmade chain, but while I love links sometimes it is hard to layer it, unless you do different lengths and sizes of links, that’s why it is such a winter look. That’s why I always suggest one of my continous Sun necklaces. When it comes to strong chains my favorite is a thick Rolo chain, I find that works well with everything, the texture is smooth making it very attractive without outshining the next pieces, it’s particularly good to hang different charms on it. The choker or the shorter piece will be the center of attention, is the first thing anyone will notice so it is important that the texture of the piece is right to compliment the rest.  A beaded long necklace will complete the look. Given it a luxurious, and organic feeling as gemstones always do. 

Switching your necklaces according to the weather is a no- brainer, during the hot days of summer a simple beaded necklace with a delicate short piece could be sufficient, think of a beautiful Turquoise beaded piece, or a moonstone with cool aquamarines, with a leather Sun choker. I recommend leaving the heavy chains and big chunky pieces for winter.

Jewelry is the best self expression component in any look, there is not right or wrong is just that, freedom to express your style.

My guidelines are just to start you up, the more you do it the more comfortable you’ll get, it is not an ending task, actually that’s the best part, a constant change of looks, while keeping your style. Have Fun!

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