Sonia Tonkin

Sonia Tonkin Is The Creative Designer of A Fine Jewelry Brand Based in Jackson Hole.

Sonia's creative designs have come together to form her developed aesthetic.  Her designs are in constant struggle between rough yet refine - modern yet primitive, ultimately resulting on each piece of jewelry feeling unique. Sonia believes that jewelry have the power to create moods, provoke opinions and produce reactions.  Her pieces are about possibilities for creating a unique look with layers and stacking or with just the simplicity of one stand alone singular piece.

"Designed and Create With The Idea That  Jewelry Should Always Be Wearable"


''The perfect piece of jewelry is the one you can wear with everything and never have to take off."

I love to create jewelry that is wearable. I design with the everyday in mind so the piece becomes part of you, yet exceptional. I am endlessly fascinated with gemstones, they bring light, shape and an organic feeling to all my pieces. 
My ultimate goal is to give confidence, elegance and singularity to the wearer.
The traditional craftsmanship of artisan jewelers and my signature designs integrates ancient techniques with modern expressions.
All my work is fabricated under the most environmentally conditions possible. Each piece is hand worked and bears the organic marks of its fabrication. All metal is melted and reused to minimize waste and with the use of handwork ancient techniques we contribute to an energy efficient environment. 

Born and raised in Santo Domingo, DR I grew up surrounded by natural beauty and the brilliance of the island sun, both influence my jewelry designs and my lifestyle.

Sonia Tonkin resides with her family in the heavenly paradise of the Grand Tetons. The collection is currently sold in select specialty stores and at her store Amaran at 36 E. Broadway on the town square in Jackson Hole.